Projects, Premiers and Panels! / by Sean Sumwalt

So... first blog post! Yikes!! I feel like I need to update you on a thing or two. One, I like alliteration. Two? Things are happening! A fresh new look was needed for the site after eight years of no upgrade. So, I finally delved into the massive overhaul that was my archaic skeleton of a website desperately needed. 

Tons of new music added and a bunch of stuff to talk about. For instance, have you heard my contribution to the hit series Chef’s Table on Netflix? Or perhaps plug into my music for the short, PUSH, which received its premier at the Catalina Film Festival this past Thursday? If you get a chance I’d love to hear your feedback on these scores and more! I’m going to start a new weekly update breaking down my themes, thoughts and processes on some of my recent scores.


There may be an obligatory marching band adjudication post here and there. Not for the faint of heart!