New Music

A Bit of News and a New Look! by Sean Sumwalt

So, I decided to give my website a much needed facelift. Having spent the entire week updating colors, pictures, links (they all work now!) and mixing some better mockups, I think now is finally the right time to post! Go ahead, poke around and listen to some good tunes! Big shoutout to the awesome people at VERSA Media for the excellent video footage!

A few things of note since I last updated; Surviving Theater 9 earned it’s world premier at the 17th Annual Tribeca Film Festival. Skookum, part of the series, CEREBRAL, fetched a coveted spot at the 4th Series Fest in Colorado and Smiley’s has been enjoying quite the successful festival tour around the U.S. and abroad! My concert work, SPRINT, received its first performance by the Indianapolis Symphonic Band with me at the baton. Not to mention all of the marching band adjudicating for CSJA this past fall. It has been quite a year!

I will have more info and blog posts to come, soon. Until then, please enjoy this mockup of SPRINT!

I hope your holidays have been magical!