A New Series by Sean Sumwalt

Last Tuesday marked a very successful recording session at Blanck Records in Hollywood of an upcoming short entitled: Smiley’s. (more on that later) Also recorded was the intro to a series pitch called CEREBRAL, a collaboration with the VERSA Brothers out in Aurora, Illinois. The series is written as an anthology of short stories not unlike that of The Twilight Zone or Black Mirror. From Zombies to Sasquatch the aim is to create a unique point of view that the viewer hasn’t seen before. We’ve been working on this show since late 2013, perfecting and honing it with each new addition to the pitch. The most recent episode is the culmination of acting, pacing, action and suspense that we we’ve all been striving for.
This unique series needed an enthralling sound to grab the audience by the ear and not let go. VERSA suggested the visceral nature of The Walking Dead might be a good starting point for the intro. With that in mind and the idea of the series title, I sought out to cram as many compositional techniques as I could justify (musically, of course!) into the new opening.

Please, enjoy the sounds!

If you don't, though, enjoy the kitties instead!

File Jan 24, 3 24 53 PM.jpeg