Wild Ride!


Strap in and take a wild cab ride through crowded city streets. Bop your head to the groove as you wiz past jazz clubs playing the likes of Rob Romeyn’s Night Ride Through Metropolis, Robert Sheldon’s Metroplex and Richard Saucedo’s Groovee!

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***This show contains copyrighted content. Therefore, the performing group must secure the appropriate permissions before we can give access to the files.

Show package includes:

·       PDF files for full score and all parts

·       Flexible scoring

·       MP3 audio recording of the full show

·       Regional exclusivity based on your primary circuit and class, BOA/WGI exclusivity based on individual contests

·       Performance permission for one full season (typically ending in November)

·       If you plan on using your own percussion arranger, we can offer Finale/MusicXML files upon request!