The Clock is Ticking…


Quick! Don’t let time run out! Race the clock with the help of Randall D. Standridge’s Timepiece and Undecim. Catch a breath before the 11th hour with Johnnie Vinson’s To Realms of Endless Day. (Winds only score)

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***This show contains copyrighted content. Therefore, the performing group must secure the appropriate permissions before we can give access to the files.

Show package includes:

·       PDF files for full score and all parts

·       Flexible scoring

·       MP3 audio recording of the full show

·       Regional exclusivity based on your primary circuit and class, BOA/WGI exclusivity based on individual contests

·       Performance permission for one full season (typically ending in November)

·       If you plan on using your own percussion arranger, we can offer Finale/MusicXML files upon request!