- SPRINT - 2018

Commissioned by the 2018 Indianapolis Symphonic Band under the baton of Joe Poio.

Program Note:
With the infectious rhythms and harmonies of Vulfpeck, Snarky Puppy and Lettuce propelling me as I ran uphill on Highland Avenue, I realized what the basis of this work could be. For weeks I had been toying with a melody without reason or direction. It wasn't until one of my jogs that I thought about using the daily ritual as the structure of the composition. I begin with a calm and meditative stretch before I warm-up with a brisk walk. The jog ensues as I turn up the volume on the groovy music satiating my ears. Once the track picks up, so do I as I kick into high gear running up and down the Hollywood Hills with a sprint to the finish!

- completed April 23rd, 2018