- The Legacy - 2015

Program Note:
As a testament to the program that changed my future I began conceptualizing this piece once my then director Mr. Charles "Chuck" Reynolds announced his retirement in 2006. Legacy went through many revisions over the years. Since it was my pet project there was no need to rush to the finish line. At the many requests of my friend, mentor and band director extraordinaire, Joe Poio and upon the refitting of Muncie Southside High School to be a middle school, I finally hunkered down to find a form for Legacy.

I decided on two-parts depicting a legacy being born. The first half is represented by building blocks that keep stacking up yet falling apart. Musically speaking this section is harmonically unstable as the theme struggles to find its voice. The second is the theme rooting itself and establishing its history characterized by a hymn and fanfare in honor of the "Legacy."Most of what I had written initially could not be used with this new model. As a result, about 2/3rds of the material was newly composed the last month of the writing of the work. "Legacy" was completed on February 15th 2015.